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Shamanic Secrets for Spiritual Mastery

Shamanic Secrets for Spiritual Mastery  
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Softcover, 676 pgs.   ISBN: 978-1-891824-58-6
Learn to Heal the Planet and the Planet Will Heal You...

The nature of spiritual mastery is not to be completely in control, but the nature of spiritual mastery is necessarily to not have any control. The whole point of spiritual mastery is to be in concordance, not in control. Concordance is a little different, and it's the closest word I can find in your language to express how I feel about it. Concordance to me would mean that whatever develops as you go along, moment-to-moment in your life, you are able to act or react to it on the basis of the natural foundational love that exists between all life forms. Spiritual mastery is the underpinnings of multiple ways of being and multiple ways of understanding, appreciating and interacting in harmony with your world.

- Isis through Robert Shapiro


Spiritual mastery is almost entirely about heart, and the other books in the Shamanic Secrets series are more about functional application. If you understand that spiritual mastery is about heart, then it becomes the easier to accomplish rather than the more difficult, precise-as one approaches it on the basis of fine-tuning. The forms shown in Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery and Shamanic Secrets for Physical Mastery require a degree of fine-tuning by each individual. One particular position is not going to be identical for all individuals. That's why individuals need to access the warmth in their own bodies, so when they get their hands or their body positioned in just so a position that appears to come close to matching the photograph, if they do not have the warmth in their body while at the same time putting their hands and body and so on in that particular position, they haven't got it just right.

- Isis through Robert Shapiro
January 17, 2003


Speaks of Many Truths is an after-death title I was given by my people. I used another name during life. Once I was given this and other titles for others by my people, the boundaries of living and afterlife were affected. When I use this title, I am able to speak to you in your time while remaining in my time, so as to acquire new wisdom in the context of my old life here. It is also this same mechanism that allows me to acquire new wisdom from other beings to pass on to you and through you to people in your time.

In your time this is less understood, though it is still done-such as people who earn and use such titles as doctor or counselor or healer. These titles also change the person and allow him or her to be more of that title, but they do not affect the afterlife. When titles are granted by acknowledging the truth that all people know after death, then that title or those titles affect the memories of those left behind. When that takes place, the combination, to a lesser degree of that and a greater degree of who and what you became after death, is what causes you to become that title. This is why I often pause before writing Speaks of Many Truths, as it is a title granted to me. I am moved in a loving way, and the feeling is humility.

- Speaks of Many Truths through Robert Shapiro