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Ask Robert Shapiro A Question Concerning Shamanic Practices

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"Some of you will have questions and we may be able to offer some answers to some of those questions. It will have to be on topic and also it will be helpful if you say just a little bit that you feel comfortable in saying about your own practice of these things that you are inquiring about. That way we can have the opportunity to serve an answer that will meet your specific question but also others who come to read here will be able to perhaps identify with your need and see how it fits into their lives."
through Robert Shapiro

Greetings! This is Grandfather.

Lately I've had some trouble just putting one foot in front of the other. This is not an attitude about life problems; it's more of a physical situation. Is there something going on that I ought to know about?

Answer: (Grandfather)
Many times these days, you will find that it's like you are walking, talking, working and even enjoying friendships while moving uphill. As a result, this uphill motion will create a sense of extra effort. This extra effort that seems to be needed to do things is not because there is inertia—this inertia time has passed. But there is also a reality going on here. Physically speaking, it is the challenge for any physical being to move from one focus of physical existence to another, and that has been spoken about a great deal in the pages of the Sedona Journal and other places. When you change from one existence to another in spirit, this is easy to solve. It's like adapting, it's like pulling another different color crayon out of your crayon box—it's easy.

But to do that physically requires an extra effort. For the past few years, this has happened very gradually. So at times you felt like you were walking uphill, but it didn't last. Now you're into a short period of time when this will happen more frequently, and this is because of the shift spoken about before. It's also because of your enthusiasm to move into that more benevolent energy that will pull you toward this more benevolent existence on Earth. This enthusiasm has to do with your soul and overall spirit, and also your physical body is eager to move beyond the struggles one often finds on this Earth plane you have been living in. Such a struggle will not last forever, but there will be a period of about two to three months when this will occur from time to time.

If you are younger, you won't notice it as much, but parents, you need to keep an eye out for something so that you won't get too concerned, especially if you have very young children who are either just learning to walk or even just learning to crawl, which is actually natural for baby. You might find that those first few steps and even the steps beyond that sometime take just a little longer to develop over this time period as I mentioned. In order to accommodate that, don't pressure your youngsters to walk. It's normal for parents to say, "Okay honey, try to come to me," and so on. This is part of the fun of being a parent. But if baby, youngster, little girl, little boy, doesn't want to go more than just a little bit, don't be concerned. This will pass. Babies are a little more susceptible to the physical and spiritual environment of places they are in and will often react to things that have nothing to do with them personally and even perhaps nothing to do with you or your family, because they are, of course, very sensitive. So that's just a "heads up" there.

As far as others go, if you are young and in good shape, you will hardly notice it. Even if you are a little older and in reasonably good shape--perhaps you do your yoga or something else to keep you in good shape—you again will notice it but not as something that impinges on your life too much. You might want to take an extra coffee or tea break. From time to time, please do that. But if you are a little older and a little more delicate in some ways, you will notice it. I don't want you to worry about it; this doesn't necessarily mean there is anything you need to talk about with your doctor. Of course, if you are concerned and you have an ongoing condition, that's different and do discuss it with your doctor. But if it is something that seems to come and go, and it is not painful, it's probably this situation.

What's happening, then, is a combination of enthusiasm to improve the quality of your physical life on the basis of your physical body and also the pull from that more benevolent place discussed in the past. So after this few months of sort of getting your physical self and your spiritual self into a greater sense of alignment and combined purpose, this is not likely to come up again for a few months, though it will come up at a later time. But by the time it comes up again—perhaps later in this year—then your spirit and your soul, of course, and your physical self will be in greater alignment. So these moments of living uphill will be spotty—meaning there won't be three months of that sensation. It will be more like, there will be an hour or two and then it'll pass. And then perhaps a week or so or a few days later, it will be there again an hour or two and then it will pass. It will go like that. But for this first portion, you'll find that there will be a definite sense of living uphill.

Why is that...because if we're enthusiastic our spirit wants to go, and we're being pulled from the future. Why does it still feel like moving through the physical meets such resistance?

Answer: (Grandfather)
Well, for one thing...and I have to remember that your physical body was born into a time and a place that was really different from the time and place you're in now. I don't refer to the calendar here; I'm talking about time sequencing. Time sequencing in your Now time is more like a line with dashes, all right? There are gaps. The new time sequencing isn't entirely with you, and the place (referring to Earth) is not entirely like it was when you were born.

In this case, as you know—speaking to somebody who is over sixty—this dash-dash-dash kind of time is partly dependent upon the time sequencing of the past, and those are the dashes. But the spaces between the dashes are the more important part here, because those spaces are the not-quite-physical versions of the new sense of time from that more benevolent Earth plane you are moving toward. As a result, it's like attempting in the physical sequence, integrated with the time sequence, to locate something that's there one moment and gone the next.

Imagine for a moment that you have a dog, and your dog is trying to follow a scent. The dog has it, then it doesn't; it has it, then it doesn't. If you see that with a dog, you'll also see the dog turn this way, then that way. Then sometimes it might look back at you, then go forward, then go backward. In short, the dog is trying to find something but the scent is very vague. This is a good analogy, because your physical body has similar sensing capabilities—granted, not the same sense of smell or hearing, but in terms of physical balance, it has the same kind of sensing abilities as that dog. So your body is attempting to find the time sequence upon which you can place your physical sequence, meaning your body. Therefore, it feels like the motion forward is a struggle at times. But this will pass.

There's another corollary to that which I've noticed. If you think of that thing of golf, where "You better keep your eye on the ball"...I will come to put something down, and always before when I used the same action, I set it down. But if I don't watch it carefully now, it's like it has a mind of its own. It will miss the edge, it will fall—it will do something.

Answer: (Grandfather)
I'm very glad you asked that question. This seems to be perception—especially for people who are a little older or those who are younger but have vision challenges. This might be creating a sense of concern for you. I want to put your mind at rest here. Again, this is a situation of being in more than one place at once. You have all seen perhaps the blurry image at times for this or that reason, and when you concentrate, then the two images come together. I'm not talking about a fuzzy image; I'm talking about two pictures, one on top of the other, and you bring the two pictures together and then you see things more clearly.

In the case of this example, what is occurring is the world you were born into, the physical world, as compared to the world you are coming into, the desirable more-benevolent plane . . . you are actually seeing both at times. So you might go to pick something up, you might go to put something down, and you will seem to miss. You might put something down and it falls off. It's like, "What happened?" If you were able to remember, if you were really paying attention and you were there in that moment, perhaps a little abstracted, you would remember that you were in fact putting it down on something solid, and yet when you go to look for it . . . where is it? It's on the floor, because if you're even abstracted a bit—meaning thinking about something else—if you are that way just a bit or even if you are engaged in spiritual energy or something like that so that it is like an afterthought, you're putting something down or you're reaching for something, and on your first pass reaching for it you miss it. And then you reach again—without thinking really, you reach again—and you hit it that time.

This is entirely because of the differential between the time physical sequence you were on in the past or born into and the time physical sequence you are moving toward now. So this is not, for most of you, a physical problem. I do understand that there are some people who are putting out the theory that this might have to do with oxygen deprivation, because there are less forms of life that are exhaling oxygen and more forms of life that are inhaling oxygen. And while I agree that this is a contributing factor, it is not the entire factor. The rest of the factor is the one I just explained.

It won't pass immediately, all right? And as far as the oxygen factor goes, your peoples will come up with a means, especially in more enclosed environments, to enrich the oxygen atmosphere, which will sharpen everybody's memory to say nothing of your physical capability. But this will happen slowly and more likely in fixed encampments, so to speak. I'll be a little vague there, if you don't mind. It's a long way off before you have enclosed cities, okay? But you might have enclosed environments of sorts. So that's a ways off for most people.

But as far as this other portion I mentioned, that will simply require a little more attention on your part. So if you're going to put down that favorite old glass ashtray of grandmother's, try to pay attention where you're putting it. If, on the other hand, you're just dropping a piece of paper into the wastebasket, a little less attention might be acceptable.

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