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Shamanic Secrets for Physical Mastery

Shamanic Secrets for Physical Mastery  
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Softcover, 544 pgs.   ISBN: 978-1-891824-29-5


Rated 10 out of 10 - DEEP SHAMANIC SECRETS REVEALED, October 29, 2008

Reviewed By: Eagle Spirit from U.S.
You know, most powerful shamans are very secretive. They give lectures, they initiate the spiritually elite, and they bless and maybe curse. But they don't usually write books that divulge their secrets. This guy is different, he has the cojones and compassion to share alot of deep secrets with the world. In this book he talks about life-the hidden side. He gives real world practical advice on how to pray better, how to think right, how to get in touch with your feeings, how to get free, how to really love and how to heal yourself, other people, inanimate things and the planet we live on. Much of this book is dedicated to teaching powerful shamanic hand gestures-mudras that activate self (and other) healing energies within the body/mind/soul complex. There are mudras for healing fear, hatred, trauma held in the body, feelings of isolation, feelings of rejection, and much much more. He even has compassion for rapists and gives a mudra for healing/changing the rapacious mentality.If you are interested in powerful transformative shamanic healing techniques that will change your life for the better, than I enthusiastically recommend this book.Lets create a better, more harmonious, happier world.

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