Shamanic Secrets Series

Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery  
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Softcover, 498 pgs.   ISBN: 978-1-891824-12-8

For you who are about to read this book, it represents a rite of passage that many of you have cried for for years. You have said, "We have read and read, and now we want to do." This book will give you a chance to do things, not only in numbers, but individually. So now is your chance . Enjoy your experience of actual application. Motion with feeling is spirit and Earth incarnate together.

- Speaks of Many Truths

Shamanic Secrets for Physical Mastery  
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Softcover, 544 pgs.   ISBN: 978-1-891824-29-5

Whether you be a native person or an insightful person, a yogi or a good Buddhist, it is in the nature of the understanding of all life, of sensitive knowing, compassion and heartfelt feeling, that all life is sacred to be loved and to feel love when that love is freely given. This book is about ways to give love and receive love from beings who wish to give and who wish to receive. It is about how to live in a gentle way, how to walk gently on the land, how to give the land what it needs and how to respectfully receive from the land what it gives. It is about benevolent magic. It is about life, which is magic in its own right. It is about the respect that we all desire and deserve. It is about giving, receiving and walking together in harmony.

- Speaks of Many Truths
through Robert Shapiro

Shamanic Secrets for Spiritual Mastery  
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Softcover, 676 pgs.   ISBN: 978-1-891824-58-6

Spiritual mastery is almost entirely about heart, and the other books in the Shamanic Secrets series are more about functional application. If you understand that spiritual mastery is about heart, then it becomes the easier to accomplish rather than the more difficult, precise-as one approaches it on the basis of fine-tuning. The forms shown in Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery and Shamanic Secrets for Physical Mastery require a degree of fine-tuning by each individual. One particular position is not going to be identical for all individuals. That's why individuals need to access the warmth in their own bodies, so when they get their hands or their body positioned in just so a position that appears to come close to matching the photograph, if they do not have the warmth in their body while at the same time putting their hands and body and so on in that particular position, they haven't got it just right.

- Isis through Robert Shapiro
January 17, 2003