Shamanic Secrets for Physical Mastery

Shamanic Secrets for Physical Mastery  
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Softcover, 544 pgs.   ISBN: 978-1-891824-29-5
Learn to Heal the Planet and the Planet Will Heal You...

The purpose of this book is to allow you to understand the sacred nature of your own physical body and some of the magnificent gifts it offers you. When you work with your physical body in these new ways, you will discover not only its sacredness, but how it is compatible with Mother Earth, the animals, the plants, even the nearby planets, all of which you now recognize as being sacred in nature. It is important to feel the value of oneself physically before one can have any lasting physical impact on the world. The less you think of yourself physically, the less likely your physical impact on the world will be sustained by Mother Earth.

If a physical energy does not feel good about itself, it will usually be resolved; other physical or spiritual energies will dissolve it because it is unnatural. The better you feel about your physical self when you do the work in the previous book, Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery, as well as in this one and the one to follow, the greater and more lasting will be the benevolent effect on your life, on the lives of those around you and ultimately on your planet and universe.

Clearing techniques and many other topics included:
  • Cellular Clearing
  • Minimizing the Effects of Trauma
  • Overcoming the Fears of Heights and Water
  • Dealing with Pain, Fear, and Addiction
  • Love: Feeling It, Receiving It
  • Aligning Heart and Mind
  • Gestures to Clean, Protect and Help
  • Disentanglement
  • Life Lessons and the Vital Life Force
  • and much more!

Whether you be a native person or an insightful person, a yogi or a good Buddhist, it is in the nature of the understanding of all life, of sensitive knowing, compassion and heartfelt feeling, that all life is sacred to be loved and to feel love when that love is freely given. This book is about ways to give love and receive love from beings who wish to give and who wish to receive. It is about how to live in a gentle way, how to walk gently on the land, how to give the land what it needs and how to respectfully receive from the land what it gives. It is about benevolent magic. It is about life, which is magic in its own right. It is about the respect that we all desire and deserve. It is about giving, receiving and walking together in harmony.

- Speaks of Many Truths
through Robert Shapiro


Sometimes I will say something that is meant to prompt the reader to stop and think, "What does he mean by that?" Sometimes incomplete information is given by a teacher because it is meant to prompt the reader to stop, put the book down and consider what that might mean in more detail. This is why sometimes things are not meant to be clear. It's why sometimes things are apparently vague, because the student, the reader, is meant to fill in the best he or she can with his or her own inspiration.

Teachers teach not only by instruction, but by allowing students to participate even in thought as they are learning. This can be useful because it trains students to act to the best of their ability on their own. After all, what will the student do when the teacher is no longer available, eh?

Over the years we have sometimes given things that are not totally complete, and as good spiritual students you have done your best to fill in the gaps for yourselves. Those gaps stand in place as long as they stand until something else comes up in the future that relates to them and we or someone else through Robert gives you more details. That's when you have a moment where you see something more uniquely, more specifically, or it even prompts your own inspirations. That's how the teaching works.

We cannot give you a complete and thorough explanation of every single thing because it is important for you to have life experience, which often prompts you to think in new and different ways. That alone is helpful for your inspiration and to draw conclusions that are workable and become portions of your wisdom.

- Speaks of Many Truths
through Robert Shapiro
May 2004