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The Shamanic Secret Series

We will attempt, on this website, to share with you many hidden traits and abilities that you all share as a group. What I mean by that is in ancient times when mystical things needed to be done—and mystical here simply meaning that that which was unknown but needed in the circumstances that presented themselves—usually not just one person would be responsible. Many different individuals would be having different qualities and capabilities to contribute. I'm mentioning that to you because a great many of you coming here have certain shamanic capabilities and of course many of you are already practicing these things so as to improve the quality of your life and the quality of lives of others.

So the purpose of this page is not to try to convince you to set aside your life and to follow the shamanic path but rather it is to suggest to you that it is possible for you to follow the shamanic path and still follow the path of your own life. It is alright to simply integrate what you find here if it fits into your life and see how it serves you and others if you wish to practice in that way. We will share with you here on this site the many possible ways of being from the smallest elements as you might find in the Shamanic Secrets book about people, places and things and more to broader topics that cover many different things.

So far there are three books in this series and there is a wealth of information in there but we will also attempt to share things on this site that you have not read in those books and perhaps not in any of the Explore Race books or other material through this particular channel. There will be times when you will also see videos here (and we'll have those up as soon as possible) so that you can get a greater sense of contact between yourself and the channel as well as other channels who might contribute material from time to time. It is up to you whether you want to just read or view and consider and ponder. You're welcome to do that.

If on the other hand you want to learn and apply we will attempt to support your needs that way. Some of you will have questions and we may be able to offer some answers to some of those questions. We will see how that goes. But this has been done before and it can be done in an accommodating way. We'll see. It will have to be on topic and also it will be helpful if you say just a little bit that you feel comfortable in saying about your own practice of these things that you are inquiring about. That way we can have the opportunity to serve an answer that will meet your specific question but also others who come to read here will be able to perhaps identify with your need and see how it fits into their lives.

Lastly I want to say that many of these secrets are not meant to be secret. The whole purpose of the title Shamanic Secrets for this or that depending on the subject matter of the book does not mean to suggest that these are purposeful secrets, but rather that they've been lost in time and therefore what seems to be a secret may primarily, not in every case, but may primarily be simply lost in the corners of time. So I'm hopeful that you will enjoy this site and participate as much as you wish and on that note I will say goodnight.

Grandfather through Robert Shapiro